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500 TON plastic injection molding machine

Plastic Injection

We offer world class plastic injection molding services with machine tonnages ranging from 110T - 1850T.

Exploded CAD view of plastic injection mold

Mold Engineering

Our Mold Engineering department is capable of carrying out tooling maintenance and also minor modifications to components.

Sprue cutting fixture for automotive light guides

Component Assembly

Added value engineering immediately after the injection process such as automated sprue cutting and screw assembly.

Take your plastic injection projects to the next level!

As part of our mission, we strive to become a partner for our clients and provide practical solutions. Using the latest technology, our team is able to provide quality products at a reasonable price. Plastic injection for the automotive industry is our core business. If you send us your mold, we'll work to adapt it to our standard and have injected parts ready in just a couple of days. Trust the professionals when it comes to APQP projects and mold engineering.

Hesaguimold specializes in the following automotive plastic components: Exterior, HVAC, Interior, Lighting & Motor and Fluid Transfer

Are you interested in outsourcing your plastic injection projects to an IATF certified supplier?

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